Tips for brides to have a better wedding photos/video

It takes more than great shooting and editing to make a fantastic wedding photo/video. Just a little preplanning with your wedding photographer/videographer can make every frame count. Looking at things through a photographer’s eye while considering everything from lighting to positioning is essential when planning unforgettable moments.
Only video can capture the visuals and combine them with audio – something photography cannot do effectively.  If you wish to capture the laughter, applause and emotion video is definitely the way to go. And it’s easily shared with friends and relatives who could not attend your destination wedding via YouTube or other video sharing sites.

Here are some points to consider :

Please don't forget to use sunscreen while you are in Dominican Republic (SPF 50 and up)

Guest management
Your photographer/cinematographer should never block the view of your guests; however, the same holds true for guests who often block the videographer’s shots. Consider requesting that your guests stand behind the official videographer and photographer during key moments such as the ring exchange, the kiss, the bouquet toss, and cake cutting. Overzealous guests and even young children can easily block these important shots.

Getting ready
Its very important to make sure that your room is clean and not messy. Please prepare everything that you will need for your photo and video session: wedding dress, rings, shoes, flowers, earnings, fruits, champagne and etc
Have your Mom and bridesmaids with you.  Make sure that you pre ordered room service for lunch to feed everyone in the room (sometimes food takes long time to arrive).

First look
When you’re walking up the aisle you can’t fully appreciate each other and how lovely you both look. There’s way too many emotions and distractions going on. When you do a first look, there’s no pressure. You’re not thinking about your vows, or how many people are watching you see each other for the first time, you have a moment to take each other in that is just for the two of you. It will be so amazing for your photos and video. Also seeing each other beforehand helps fight those nerves:)

The best time for outdoor (especially beach) ceremony is between 4-5:00 pm. The light will be perfect. Normally his time is not so hot and your guests will be really appreciated you. We'll do all the family photo/video right after the ceremony. Right around the sunset time we would like to have you both on the beach, as the light is usually absolutely magical.

Outdoors lighting
An outdoor wedding will look much better if the bride and groom, as well as guests, aren’t in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will wash out vibrant colors. Shady areas or canopies that let in some light work best.

Indoors lighting
Photo/video generally looks better if the lights at the ceremony aren’t turned down too low. If the location is dark, the most unobtrusive choice for us is to use a low-wattage, on-camera light. This will spread the light evenly and prevent squinting, which doesn’t look good on video. 

If you make personal vows it'll be amazing! It so romantic and so natural. Please think about it. It'll make your wedding video unique!

Reception and speeches
The speeches are one of the most important parts of the reception and any good cinematographer will do their best to capture the audio in pristine quality. I suggest you never allow the DJ to play music in the background during speeches.  Speeches can be moving and emotional.  The wrong music selected by the DJ can spoil the ambiance. Please don't forget to make sure that cinematographers are on their position and ready to film the speeches!!! 
Also, pre-arrange with the emcee to turn up the venue lights for traditional moments such as toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing and garter removal. If no lights are used in a dark venue, your video could result in grainy images.