Meet The Team

CoresFilms is a team of professional cinematographers, photographers and editors. All of them with a great deal of experience in shooting all kind of weddings. We have wonderful artists that make up our storyteller teams. We choose people that share our values and our photographic and cinematic style. They are a wonderful choice, at a terrific value.


Diego is the founder of CoresFilms company.
He is a profesional cinematographer and editor.
Diego has shown him self to be a committed film-maker with the passion for telling stories through moving image. 
He is one of those people you immediately warm to from the first meeting and everyone loves him;)
“I’m doing what I love. All of my travels and jobs have helped me build a connection with people. To me it’s not a job; it’s a lifestyle that I chose and love and need.”
Feel free to contact Diego or use our contact form 


Manuel is one of our highly valued team wedding and events cinematographers. 
A super film maker and also a fun guy to work with - we defy anyone not to return his infectious smile!
The style of work is non-traditional and the day of filming is extremely unobtrusive as he looking for natural-candid and pure emotions.


Denis is a profesional cinematographer and editor.
Creative, dedicated to highlighting the beauty in every wedding he produces and a genuinely nice guy to work with.
Hi is truly passionate about his craft and always looks forward to make beautiful films for our clients.


Nina is a experienced professional photographer. 

She is a specialist in weddings she is the ultimate creative and easy to work with. 

“I have loved taking photos for as long as I can remember, I have always had a creative flair and let my imagination take over. There is so much variety to being a photographer, from meeting the clients, photographing the day, and designing albums or something beautiful for the wall, every step is unique and exciting!”


Liza is a very skillful and experienced professional photographer.

 She has a passion for photography with the ability to find beauty and joy through the lens.

“I love to capture someone’s unique personality and turn it into a work of art that everyone in the family can cherish forever. What I find truly inspiring about being a photographer is the ability to freeze a special moment in time.”